"You shall perish! Like the others! Ikari koso, washi no seigida!"

Zhi wong
Zhi Wong is a psychopath. He appears in the mission Garden Of Peace in Dead Rising 3


Zhi is a Tibetan man, who felt disrespected by his family. His life going downhill (being fired from his job of manager of the Happy Good Mart pharmacy, his wife leaving him for 'a guy who sells refrigerators' and his own children growing up to become 'disrespectful brats') caused Zhi to pent up insane amounts of psychological rage. He sees the outbreak as time to meditate in the Zen Garden, and will take out his anger on the uncaring universe and anyone who should 'disturb his peace'

Nick enters the Zen Garden, riddled with corpses, and encounters Zhi, meditating on top a gazebo. Zhi states that 'the spirits of the universe have slaughtered his happiness, and so he must slaughter too' and the corpses Nick thought were zombies, were actually survivors trying to find refuge in the Zen Gardens, that Zhi killed because they 'disturbed his garden of peace' and spits on one of them. A zombie then walks into a gong, immediately angering Zhi. Zhi attacks Nick with a smoke bomb and jumps onto the ground, saying that Nick shall perish 'like the others' and attacks him

When Nick defeats him, Zhi talks about how the pressures of his life, and now a 'goddamn zombie outbreak', have affected him. He curses the gods for forsaking him, and then says to Nick 'screw you, you piece of crap'. He laughs insanely before decapitating himself with his Guan Dao, which Nick tries to stop


  • Zhi represents Wrath, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, due to his anger
  • Despite his age and being the first psychopath Nick encounters, he is surprisingly agile, fast, can jump on podiums with little difficulty and is harder to fight at close combat
  • Zhi's death carries a similarity to the Bailey twins from Dead Rising 2. Both Zhi and Amber/Crystal Bailey committed suicide with a bladed weapon, while Nick and Chuck tried to stop them, but are too late
  • 'Ikari koso, washi no seigida!' roughly translates into 'Anger is my justice'
  • A Guan Dao is a Chinese pole weapon that is used in some forms of Chinese martial arts
  • Zhi is similar to Sean, who are both old but agile who both wield bladed weapons