"Oh hi, finally. I've been calling the service for days"

Theodore 'Teddy' Lagerfeld Jr is a psychopath. He appears in the mission Remotely Helpful in Dead Rising 3


Theodore is the son of Theodore Lagerfeld Sr, the Mayor of Los Perdidos. He is lazy, overweight and ignorant. It seems he relies on a 'service' to get whatever he wants. He just sits in his chair playing video games all day. Theodore lives in his father's mansion in Sunset Hills. Theodore did'nt even know about the zombie outbreak in Los Perdidos

When Nick entered the Lagerfeld Mansion, to find the key for the Police Dept. Armoury, Theodore appeared on a giant monitor screen on a wall, thinking Nick is from the 'service', and that 'the help' left days ago (probably due to the zombie outbreak) and tells Nick to go to the store and get batteries for his remote and a bag of potato chips. Nick asks him for the armoury key, which Theodore finds, but is too lazy to give it to Nick. When Nick sternly tells Theodore to give him the key, Theodore says he wants 'some down-time' as his conversation with Nick is making him tired, and asks Nick to leave, while activating some remote control helicopters to drive him out

When Nick destroys the remote control helicopters and the 4 security panels, he finds and enters Theodore's room. Theodore pleads for Nick not to kill him, but before Nick can do anything, Theodore suffers a heart attack, possibly due to his poor diet, and slumps down in his chair, while farting and defecating himself. As Nick reaches for the key, Theodore lunges forward before finally dying, and farting again. Nick takes the key and leaves


  • Theodore represents Sloth, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, due to his laziness
  • Theodore is the only psychopath in the Dead Rising series that does not have a health bar or fight Nick himself
  • Theodore's father being the mayor of Los Perdidos, might explain Theodore's wealth and somewhat spoiltness
  • The game producers said that Theodore was the most difficult psychopath to come up with, as they had to make the fight challenging and to match Theodore with the sin Sloth