Steven chapman
Steven Chapman is a psychopath. He appears in the scoop Medicine Run in Dead Rising


Steven was the manager of Seon's Food & Stuff, a grocery store in the Willamette Parkview Mall. Completely over-obsessed with his job and store, he takes a very dim view on what he calls 'vandalism', when really it's survivors trying to find something to eat in the zombie outbreak. Steven would do anything to protect his store, even kill anyone who enters with his Weapon Cart, a shopping cart with knives, pitchforks and other miscellaneous sharp objects taped around it. He yells his sentences a lot. He also has a shotgun, which he uses on Frank while fighting him

Frank meets Steven while searching for medicine for Brad Garrison, who was injured in a battle with Carlito Keyes. Before he enters the pharmacy, he is lured back to the aisles by the sound of a shopping cart. After going down one aisle, he turns to face Steven, with an unconscious Isabella Keyes in the weapon cart. He accuses Frank of trying to vandalise his store. Frank says that he needs medicine, but Steven says Isabella came into the store with the same excuse, and, losing his temper, shouts at Frank and attacks

After Frank defeats him, Steven wanders over to the tills and grabs onto a cash register, wondering out loud who would look after his store when he's gone. He says "have a nice day" and falls down. He then gets up and yells "Clean up! Register 6" before finally dying


  • The song that plays during his fight is Fly Routine by Hostile Groove.
  • The picture on his name tag on his uniform shows him with a full head of hair, as opposed to how he is balding in the game, suggesting that he has been working at Seon's for some time before the events of Dead Rising.
  • Steven shares some similarities to Brent Ernst in Dead Rising 2. Both are very neurotic, being obsessed with their passion (Steven running his store and Brent's love for Louise) and their death scenes share similarities in both of them springing up and shouting out a final line before dying.
  • After being defeated in battle, Steven stumbles backwards and falls face down. However, after his death cutscene, he is lying face up at the registers, regardless where Frank defeats him in the store.