"Everyone else is dead. I'm the big man now!"

Dead rising seymour bust
Seymour Redding is a psychopath. He appears in the mission WWJWD? in Dead Rising 2


Seymour was a security guard in Fortune City. Taunted by his peers and feeling unrespected, Seymour dreamed for his chance to 'be the law' for once. That dream came true when the zombies in Fortune City Arena escaped from their cages, and ran amok. With his crew all dead, Seymour saw the outbreak as an opportunity to become the 'big man' of the law, and get the power and respect of the law he desired. Using his newfound authority, and his love of Western movies, Seymour took control of the unfinished North Plaza, and captured 'looters' and 'trespassers', who were just innocent survivors, and hung them from the scaffolding

When Chuck comes into the North Plaza, walking past bodies of survivors Seymour had executed earlier, he sees the 'sheriff' on top of the scaffolding, taunting a survivor, Justin, who says he was just looking for food, who has a bag over his head and a rope around his neck. Seymour sees Chuck and says 'he's in charge of this here mall' and Chuck 'can't just come waltzing in here'. When Chuck tries to convince Seymour that Justin was'nt doing anything, Seymour argues with him, saying that no-one can push him around anymore, and 'if i say dance, YOU DANCE' and kicks Justin off the scaffolding, breaking his neck and killing him. Seymour shouts 'Soeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Piggy, piggy, piggy!' before jumping off the scaffolding to face Chuck

After Chuck defeats him, Seymour runs and tries to climb back up the scaffolding, inadvertantly turning on a table saw in the process. After climbing a few bars, saying 'he's twice the man Chuck is' he loses his footing and lands on the blade of the table saw, which rips through his chest, killing him. Chuck turns it off and dryly comments 'I saw what you did there'


  • Seymour bears some similarities to Jo Slade, as both were law enforcers taking advantage of the outbreak for their own motives
  • He is also similar to Paul Carson, since both "snapped" from a lack of respect before their respective outbreaks
  • The song that plays while fighting him is an instrumental version of "I Believe You" by Celldweller
  • WWJWD? is short for What Would John Wayne Do?, which is a nod to his acting as Sheriff
  • His death is similar to Adam MacIntyre as they both fall on saw blades.
  • Seymour's cutscene is similar to Cliff Hudson's; both had hanged their victims from high platforms