"Damn man, it ain't no fun if they ain't runnin'. I mean, I mean where's the challenge?"

"We do it cuz we love our country"

"Let's go huntin' boys!"

The Rednecks are a group of psychopaths. They appear in the mission Militia Men in Dead Rising 2


The Rednecks are a group of American rednecks, named 'Big' Earl Flaherty, Deetz Hartman, Derrick Duggan and Johnny James. When the zombies escaped their cages and ran amok in Fortune City, they grabbed some sniper rifles, and machetes, and retreated to a rooftop in Fortune Park. Whilst there, they all started to talk about the outbreak, and believe it started because of survivors, foreigners and socialism, and the only way to 'get this country on track again' is to 'clean up' America, one city at a time, of all those 'panzies, floozies, bureaucats, liberals and 'half-ass' conservatives' all whom they blame for the zombie outbreaks. They each take a spot in Fortune Park, and started shooting at anything, zombie or survivor, in order to complete their 'duty' to 'elimanate the threat to their country'

Each sniper can be found:

  • Johnny is on the roof of Royal Flush Plaza
  • Earl is on some scaffolding near the enterance of Fortune City Hotel
  • Deetz is on the roof of Paradise Platinum Screens
  • Derrick is on the roof of Atlantica casino


  • The Rednecks are similar to the Hall Family, as both are groups of male psychopaths, who use sniper rifles to attack anything that poses a threat (zombie or survivor), and lack death scenes
  • Earl's voice actor is the same one who voices Antoine Thomas
  • Earl's comment that non-running survivors is similar to the opinion held by Leon Bell, who says that humans are worth "double the points, 'cause they move around so much...bastards"
  • Deetz is one of the only psychopaths in Dead Rising 2 who wears body armor, along with Dwight Boykin
  • Many zombies share Derrick's character model, simply recolored to look like a zombie e.g. the wrench-carrying zombies in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
  • Johnny is the only one of the group that doesn't say anything during the cutscene; his voice is heard only during the fight against him
  • Johnny has a tattoo of a Civil War Confederate flag on his left arm