As well as fighting zombies, helping survivors and trying to build the plane to escape Los Perdidos, Nick Ramos has to fight psychopaths: either based on the Seven Deadly Sins (Albert, Darlene, Dylan, Jherii, Kenny, Theodore and Zhi), or people who are using the outbreak to their corrupted advantage (Marian, Hemlock, Hunter, Hilde, Red, Clyde, Mel)

Name Weapon Location Mission
Albert Contiello Surgical saw, Syringe Almuda Farms Cold Storage Making A Killing
Clyde Quarantine Station
Darlene Fleischermacher Spork, Plates, Chef knives Uncle Billy's Buffet All You Can Eat
Dylan Fuentes Lust Cannon S&M Dungeon Play Time
Hilde Schmittendorf Two Sgt Pistols Los Perdidos Police Dept. Follow Hilde, Defeat Hilde the Sergeant
Hunter Thibadeux Roller Hawg (Steamroller + Motorcycle Quarantine Staion Defeat The Gang Leader
Jherii Gallos Barbell Yoh-Gah gym Look In The Mirror
General John Hemlock Drones, Grenade launcher
Kenny Dermot Junk Ball (Outdoor Trash Can + Garbage Bag) Crystal of the Sea yacht

Single White Male

Marian Mallon Loaders
Mel Quarantine Station
Red Jackson Knife, Crane Los Perdidos Communication Tower, Los Perdidos Shipping Yard Defeat Red
Theodore Lagerfeld Jr Remote-control helicopters Lagefeld Mansion Remotely Helpful
Zhi Wong Guan Dao Zen Gardens Garden Of Peace