"Trust me, I'm a butcher. I've got the best meat in town"

Larry chiang the butcher
Larry Chiang is a psychopath. He appears in the mission The Butcher in Dead Rising


Larry was a butcher who worked in the Meat Processing Area in the basement of the North Plaza under the Willamette Parkview Mall. All he cares about is how to uphold his reputation as a butcher. When the zombies escaped into the Willamette Mall, Larry went insane and scavenged around the Mall, looking for his new 'fresh meat', which is any survivors he can find. He has the Chinese character for meat tattooed on the back of his neck

Frank and Rebecca see Larry, on the monitor, dragging Carlito into the Meat Processing Area. When Frank arrives, Carlito is hanging on a meat hook on a conveyer belt. Larry mistakes him for a customer and prepares to ground up Carlito for him. When Frank says he has something better in mind, Larry thinks he's talking about zombies and gets angry, saying zombies are "spoiled meat" and he has "a reputation to uphold". He then goes to the grinder and turns on the conveyer belt

After Frank defeats him, Larry falls to the floor and giggles before dying


  • There is a chance for a Photo Op worth up to 10,000 PP when Larry is seen eating out of a container of meat
  • Unlike most psychopaths, Larry will not attack Frank unless provoked
  • His boss theme song is "On A Mission" by Hostile Groove
  • If you take a picture of the Chinese character on the back of Larry's neck, you get a special photo symbol
  • Larry bears some similarities to Antoine Thomas, both of them being crazed food preparers with a taste for human flesh. They both also run away to heal up by eating, and they both use food as weapons (Larry tosses meat, while Antoine forces apple down Chuck's throat)