"What have we here? Looks like you lured another man in here, you little whore"

Dead rising above the law jo (5)
Jo Slade is a psychopath. She appears in the side scoop Above The Law in Dead Rising


Jo is a cop in the Willamette Parkview Mall. She has a perchant for kidnapping women, and sexually assaulting them, for her own pleasure. When the zombies escaped into the Mall, she used her officer status to either lure or kidnap young female survivors and tie them up in 'Lovely Fashion House', a clothing store, though it implies that she has killed some of her hostages

As Frank enters, Jo calls another hostage, Kay, a whore for 'luring him in'. Kay objects and pleads for Frank's help. Jo then takes out her nightstick and touches her up. Frank implies that 'this is a bit extreme' and attempted to intervene, but Jo threatens Frank, saying that if he tries to 'interfere with official police business', Jo will kill him and Kay. She then proceeds to molest Kay, cacking insanely

After Frank defeats her, Jo falls to the floor, saying 'it hurts'. She calls Frank a worthless prick, convulses on the floor before finally dying. Frank can then free Kay and the other hostages


  • Her penchant for molesting women which indicates that Jo is a homosexual
  • Her corruption might be a result from jealousy of other girls's looks
  • Her theme is "Heaven's Creepin' In", by Supernova Syndicate.
  • Dwight Boykin says a line similar to Jo's when being defeated: "I cannot believe a worthless zombie did me in!", except Jo says "prick" instead of "zombie".
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, when Frank is saving Deidre Sanchez, he will say,  "You're much nicer then the last female cop I met"