"No! You are not going to beat me! I am Miss Gigantic California!"

Dead rising jherri gallos
Jherii Gallos is a psychopath. She appears in the mission Look In The Mirror in Dead Rising 3


Jherii is a female wrestler, determined to make her mark. Because of her name and muscular appearance, people mistakenly call her 'mister' or 'sir', which annoys her. Some time before the zombie outbreak, Jherii entered the 'Miss Gigantic California' competition, determined not to let anything get in her way. The outbreak ruins her chance at fame, but Jherii kept to her vow and stayed in the Yoh-Gah gymnasium

When Nick arrives, Jherii is lifting dumbbells and listening to a motivational mantra. Nick accidently calls her 'sir' making her turn around to reveal she is a woman. Angered, she tells Nick that she is 'about to take home her long-deserved trophy' and no-one, even Nick, will stand in her way. Nick tells her that the contest might be cancelled because of the zombie outbreak, but Jherii isn't listening and poses in front of the mirror. Nick also poses, accidentally calling her 'sir' again. This angers Jherii to breaking point, saying that Nick will not beat her, picks up a barbell and hoists it over her shoulder, ready to attack Nick

After Nick defeats her, Jherii walks over to a trophy cabinet, reciting the mantra before falling back, dragging the cabinet with her, and is crushed to death


  • Jherii represents Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, due to her overwhelming admiration of herself
  • Jherii is described as having gender identification issues and a bit of an anger problem, which may explain why she assaults Nick after being he mistakes her for a man
  • She is similar to Antoine because both are looking for a chance of fame until the outbreak happens. When the outbreak occurs, they are in denial still believing that they have a chance at succeeding at their goal
  • Jherii is similar to Darlene and Ted due to the fact that they will attack if called a certain name (mister/sir)
  • Her death is ironic, because she is determined to win the trophy, and ends up being crushed to death by a trophy cabinet