Hilde schmittendorf
"They don't call it the hero's death for nothing"

Sgt Hilde Schmittendorf is a psychopath. She appears as the end boss in Chapter 3


Hilde is General John Hemlock's sultry head of security. She was sent to clean up Los Perdidos, under his orders.

When Nick enters the Los Perdidos Police Department Station Parking Garage, he hides behind a broken police car. Nick hears Hilde talking to a Special Ops soldier, regarding the security camera footage that Nick came to look for, which she hides in her cleavage. A civilian man carries his injured wife into the police station garage and asks for help. Once Hilde confirms that there are no other survivors with the man, she orders the soldier to shoot the woman in the head, and Hilde snaps the shocked man's neck, calling it 'a hero's death'. Nick comes out of hiding and tries to reason with Hilde. Hilde puts his hands on her breasts, saying 'she loves a hero wannabe', but Nick refuses. She orders a whole group of Special Ops soldiers to deal with Nick while she runs up to the third floor of the station. Nick chases Hilde to the third floor where she shoots and misses him with a golden Sgt Pistol, but aims again, engaging the fight

After Nick defeats her, Hilde aims a bazooka at him. He runs over, narrrowly missing the missile as it explodes behind him, blowing them both out of the window. Nick lands on top of Hilde with his face in her cleavage, and spits out the flash drive. Hilde says 'she finished first' before dying. Nick then stands, picks up the flash drive and walks off


  • Hilde is similar to Jo Slade, as they are dressed like policewoman, and obsessed with sexual statements
  • Given her appearance, personality and that her mission starts before Dylan's, she can be mistaken for the Lust psychopath.