Here Comes The Groom is a side mission in Dead Rising 2


Emanuel Randall, my son... I think you should reconsider
Randy Randy! Father, call me Randy (giggles) Get on with it
Emanuel Do you... Randy... take this woman to be your...
Randy I do, Father. I do, oh (Danni tries to get away, but Randy pulls her back) Don't worry honey. (turns to another dead bride in the stalls) The other ones did'nt mean anything to me. Just remember to say 'I do'. You wanted me to wait until I was married. Well, I'm not waiting anymore. I knew I would'nt die a virgin (revs his chainsaw) I can't wait... I can't wait... I can't wait. Cut to the end, Dad, cut to the end (Chainsaw starts) Cut to the end!
Emanuel If anyone knows, of any reason, why these two should not be joined in union (Chuck enters) speak now, or forever hold your... (sees Chuck) Oh thank god! Help us, help us (Randy turns around, and the chainsaw blade rips into Emanuel, killing him
Randy You! You're trying to ruin the happiest day of our lives!
Randy (covered in blood, wanders down the alter then falls to the floor. He looks back to see the image of a bride walking towards him) Oh, baby... we could have been so good together... our wedding night would have been so... (the bride turns out to be the dead one, now a zombie, which falls on Randy and starts eating his face. Confetti showers over them)
Chuck You may now kiss the bride (leaves)

Battle StyleEdit

  • Don't be fooled by Randy's size, not only does he have a lot of health, but he is very fast on his feet and is more than capable of outrunning Chuck, making him one of the most difficult psychopaths to beat.
  • If the attack connects, he will perform a short pelvic thrust victory dance before repeating the process. When Randy is taunting, shoot him in the pig covering his crotch with any ranged weapon. This will cause him to keel over, allowing Chuck to get in close with a melee weapon and making this a very easy fight.
  • Use the walls around the pews to your advantage. Whenever Randy gets close, vault over the short wall. Randy will have no choice but to run around the wall. Repeat this method