Garden Of Peace is a side mission in Dead Rising 3


ZHI Enter, grasshopper. Find sanctuary in peaceful garden
NICK Holy shit. Did zombies get in, are you okay?
ZHI Sweet anger course through us. Is how universe tell us who target should be
NICK Look, you know, just because you're talking all funny like that, it does'nt mean it's making any sense
ZHI Spirit of universe has slaughtered my happiness, and so, I must slaughter too. All who disrupt my garden of peace shall die! (spits)
NICK Oh god! You did this! These people were just looking for safety, you had no right to kill them
ZHI (A zombie walks into a gong. This angers Zhi. He throws a smoke bomb at Nick as he jumps down) You shall perish! Like the others. Ikari koso, washi no seigida!
ZHI (points to the sky) Why have you forsaken me? (drops to the floor) I get fired, my wife leaves for a guy who sells refridgerators, my kids grow up to be disrespectful brats... Now this?! A goddamn zombie outbreak! Seriously? (He gets up and points at Nick) Screw you, you piece of crap! (laughs maniacally)
NICK No wait...! (Zhi slices his head off with his Guan Dao) Oh god... uh... (Zhi's body collapses)

Battle StyleEdit

  • Despite being the first psychopath the player can encounter in the game, Zhi is the fastest one and also extremely agile. He is particularly harder to defeat at close combat.
  • He is capable of doing powerful melee attacks, such as flying kick and stabbing Nick with his Guan Dao.
  • Often in the fight he will throw smoke bombs or grenades in the battle.
  • Sometimes, Zhi will jump to a podium to meditate, and restore his health. Nick will have to either shoot him or throw a weapon at him.
  • Zhi's weakness lies within the gongs and vases. Hitting or breaking them causes him to become angry, and vulnerable for an attack.