"If you don't listen to me, then I am going to be one... angry... DADDY!"

Dylan fuentes
Dylan Fuentes is a psychopath. He appears in the mission Play Time in Dead Rising 3.


Dylan is a man in Los Perdidos, California. Perverted and sex-mad, he got a job as performer in the S&M dungeon in the back of Annie's Old Fashioned XXX Supply store. When the zombie outbreak started, Dylan retreated, then captured two survivors, Eric and Julia. It is unclear what happened to them but there are several indications to what he's been doing, when Nick arrives, they appear to be strapped down in chairs, looking sweaty and flushed

When Nick arrives, upon trying to help Eric and Julia, he trips over a wire. From the platform above, Dylan watches him, saying Nick 'just walked in the door and already presenting'. Dylan then asks Nick to 'lick his lollipop for him', and to perform 'a little pole-dancing' as he jumps down from the platform. When Nick refuses, Dylan says he won't let them go until Nick is 'more obedient' and threatens him by blasting his Lust Cannon (a penis-shaped novelty flamethrower) up into the air, then says that he can be be 'a little more co-operative' if Nick listens to him. Nick asks him to calm down, but Dylan just laughs insanely

After Nick defeats him, Dylan giggles, says that Nick 'gave him blue balls' and faints. Gas shoots up from his Lust Cannon, resembling male ejeculation. Nick looks away as Dylan finally dies, smiling


  • Dylan represents Lust, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, due to his addiction to sex
  • Dylan is similar to Jo and Randy, as they all have a perchant for sexual activity (Jo likes molesting young women and Randy is an internet porn addict)
  • Dylan is bisexual, taken from how he speaks to Nick and considering he has a male and female hostage
  • Dylan appears to have unnaturally sharp, pointed teeth
  • While Dylan fires his Lust Cannon into the air, a zombie can be seen in a cage, which may mean that Dylan is a necrophiliac as well
  • Dylan is one of the few psychopaths who only use fire-based weapons, the others being Slappy and Paul