"You missed loser. Get your aim right bruva"

"Alright, looks like we found our next contestants"

"I'm gonna take out that dude and snatch his old lady"

Dead rising 3convicts
The Convicts are a group of psychopaths. They appear in the side scoop The Prisoners in Dead Rising


Three convicts - Miguel Sanchez, Reginald Jenkins and Sam Franklin - had recently escaped from Willamette County Jail and made it to the Willamette Parkview Mall. They stole a military jeep in the process, and decided to make the most of their escape, by running amok in the Leisure Park, killing any survivors they met. Sam drove the jeep, Reginald operated the heavy machine gun mounted on the back seat and Miguel on the passenger seat with a baseball bat

When Frank entered the Leisure Park, Miguel had a try at killing him, but missed. The convicts laughed, until Sam noticed a couple, Sophie and Sid, trying to escape. The convicts drove after them, and Miguel succeeded in killing Sid by smacking him over the head with the baseball bat. Sophie mourned her partner, while the Convicts laughed at his death

Frank later kills them


  • The convicts are unique among psychopaths- they will respawn at midnight each night, with the exception of September 22nd
  • The theme that plays while fighting the Convicts is Gone Guru by Lifeseeker
  • The Convicts are the only psychopaths to not have a health bar or names above their characters
  • In one of the game trailers, Reginald Jenkins is shown driving and Sam Franklin is on the gun
  • If Frank kills one or two of the Convicts, enters the mall and then goes back into the park, all three Convicts will have respawned
  • Miguel's prisoner ID is 941780
  • Reginald's prisoner ID is 950216
  • Sam's prisoner ID is 942237
  • Miguel will switch to the driver seat and take over the Jeep if Sam dies
  • When dead, Reginald's body will remain on the Jeep, slumped back in the gunner's seat, while the bodies of Sam and Miguel will fall off once they are killed