"Name and rank, soldier!"

Dead rising cliff
Cliff Hudson is a psychopath. He appears in the side scoop The Hatchet Man in Dead Rising


Cliff was a former Vietnam war veteran. He came to Willamette with his granddaughter, some time before the zombies escaped into the Mall. Cliff witnessed the zombies attack and maul his granddaughter to death. Cliff comments 'when he heard her scream' was the moment he went insane. He thinks the Vietnam war isn't over and the Mall is a new war-ground. He resides in Crislips Home Saloon, a hardware store, decapitating zombies (or survivors) with his machete, believing them to be 'filthy communists' and suspending them from the ceiling

When Frank enters the store and notices the headless corpses suspended above, Cliff sneaked up behind him and shouted for his name and military rank. When Frank failed to answer, Cliff accused him of being a member of the Viet Cong and proceeded to attack him by swinging his machete at him before disappearing into the aisles. Frank manages to get out of the way in time, gets back on his feet, and looks cautiously around the store for him, as Cliff talks to him, saying 'by the time i'm done beating information outta you, you are going to be begging for death to come take you away'

After Frank defeats him, Cliff snaps back to normal, takes out his wallet and shows Frank a picture of him and his family. He tells Frank that when his granddaughter died, 'everything went white' indicating the point he went insane. When he dies, Frank closes his eyes out of empathy


  • The song that plays during his fight is "Slave" by The Evolutionaries.
  • A photo op can be obtained from taking a picture of Cliff going through one of the opened vents around the store, which will net you up to 10,000 PP.
  • Cliff is the only psychopath to return to his senses after being defeated.
  • Cliff's scoop is called 'The Hatchet Man', though he wields a machete.
  • One of Cliff's hostages, Josh Manning, acknowledges the fact that Cliff could have been a nice man before the Willamette Incident.
  • The voice actor for Cliff Hudson, Steve Blum, also does the voice acting for Roger Hall.
  • The decapitated bodies hanging from the ceiling and blood-streaked walls and floors are permanent after the battle with Cliff.
  • Cliff shares some similarities with Brandon, in that after being driven insane by the outbreak, they now kidnap and kill innocents for their own ends, and can both teleport. They are also two of the most difficult psychopaths in the franchise to beat