Dr2 bibi love
"Now get backstage and let's put on this show. You can't keep talent like mine waiting"

Bibi Love is a psychopath. She appears in the side mission One Hit Wonder in Dead Rising 2


Bibi was once a singing sensation, famous throughout America. But soon, the years of fame glory began to fade as she got older, but Bibi never wanted to let go. She was asked to perform in Fortune City, some time before the outbreak. After the last of her fans ran away for shelter against the zombie hordes, Bibi went insane and took over the stage of the Slot Ranch casino. She then kidnapped her manager, a fashion designer and a member of her stage crew, and wired them up with bombs, threatening to blow them up if they try to leave before her 'big comeback show' is over


  • In Dead Rising 2: Case West, a portrait of Bibi Love is hanging above Marian Mallon's fireplace in the Director's Office
  • Bibi is the only psychopath that does not attack Chuck.
  • Bibi and Snowflake are the only two psychopaths who can be saved in Dead Rising 2.
  • Her music can be heard during the Overtime Mode credits
  • Erotica points are awarded when her breasts, crotch, and buttocks are photographed.
  • Sometimes, when you pass her in the Safe House she will say "You're my number 1 fan!"
  • In Dead Rising 2, the necklace she wears is different than the one it shows her wearing in the notebook. This was changed in Off The Record
  • She is referenced in Dead Rising 3 in a news ticker, recalling the horrors of Fortune City.
  • In Dead Rising 3, a survivor named Adam Daley wears her clothing and has her hair style. He seems to have a split personality of Bibi. Another song of hers, "Can't Get Enough Of Me", can be heard playing