"I'm a businessman. And you're my next export, sunshine"

Albert Contiello is a psychopath. He appears in the mission Making A Killing in Dead Rising 3

Status Edit

He is a surgeon, who kidnaps survivors and performs sadistic surgery on them, planning to harvest their organs to sell on the black market. He considers himself a 'businessman' and 'entrepreneur' He wears a large amount of jewelry, including a necklace made with fingers

Nick heads to Almulda Farms Cold Storage to destroy the final box of military supplies. When he gets there, Albert sneaks up behind him and plunges a syringe into his neck and injects Nick with a sedative. When Nick wakes up, he finds Albert preparing another hostage, Alejandra, for her operation. Nick attempts to get off the table, but, due to the sedative, stumbles into an organ cooler, full of internal organs that Albert had harvested. Albert runs towards him and Nick calls him a murderer. Albert replies that the outbreak is the perfect opportunity to make some money 'the free market at it's finest' and that he also plans to operate on 'his next export' - Nick

After Nick defeats him, Albert wanders around, with his syringe embedded in his neck. He starts to suffer the effects of his own sedative and hallucinates zombies coming towards him. Trying to protect 'what is mine', Albert uses his surgical saw to disembowl himself, re-enacting what he believes the zombies are doing, and he dies

Trivia Edit

  • Albert represents Greed, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, due to his craving for money
  • Albert was the first psychopath to be introduced, when Dead Rising 3 was announced
  • Albert is the only psychopath, representing the Seven Deadly Sins, to be fought as part of the game's storyline. The other six are optional
  • Like Ted, Albert is one of the easiest psychopaths to kill, as his only focus is on his hostages, and he can be distracted by the usage of organ coolers

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