"Stay away from there gramps!"

Adam the Clown
Adam MacIntyre is a psychopath. He appears in the side scoop Out Of Control in Dead Rising


Adam was a children's clown performer in the Willamette Parkview Mall, adored by children. After the zombies escaped into the Mall and devoured his audience, Adam went insane. He now guards the controls at the Space Rider roller coaster in Wonderland Plaza, saying he decided to 'let all the happy people a lift on this fun ride', when actually, the noise the roller coaster makes keeps the zombies at bay, and Adam would kill anyone who tries to shut down the ride

When Frank arrives and examines the controls, Adam appears, juggling two small chainsaws. Adam threatens Frank to not turn off the ride, or the zombies will come back, and 'that won't be any fun at all', juggling his chainsaws and laughing maniacally

When Frank defeats him, Adam faints forward onto his chainsaws. He laughs maniacally as the chainsaw blades rip his stomach apart, killing him

He has a younger brother named Evan, who appears in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record


  • Despite his obese bodybuild, Adam is shown to be the most acrobatic enemy in the game, being able to do somersaults and jump to high areas.
  • Out of all the psychopaths in the series, Adam's death is arguably one of the most gruesome
  • When Adam juggles his chainsaws, a photo op becomes available, worth up to 10,000PP.
  • Adam and Evan's death scenes are similar, as their voices slow down as they die (Adam laughs hysterically, and Evan says I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream)
  • One of the pins that is on Adam's chest is a Servbot face
  • Adam, Brent, Roger and Hilde are the only psychopaths in the Dead Rising series, with a dual pair of melee weapons
  • Adam bears similaraties to Slappy and Bibi, as they were once entertainers who have gone insane due to a certain loss, caused by zombies (Adam and Bibi lost their audiences, while Slappy lost his date)
  • Adam will never target a survivor, even when they open fire on him. The only way to get him to hurt survivors is if he hurts them trying to hurt Frank